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Royalty Certificate Investing- The Newest Trend In Wealth Collection!

Los Angeles, CA, Sept 20, 2018/R-Cert Trading Exchange/…If there is one new word to be found on the lips of the “In-Crowd” in finance, it is the term: “Royalty Certificates” (R-Cert).

If you've never heard of Royalty rights Certificates, you are not alone. The globalization of R-Certs and integration of the old Royalty rights into a modern-day high-volume financial trading instrument was created and thrust into existence in the fall of 2018 by Dr. Glenn Gearhart.

He needed a means of funding five high-tech startup companies. He did not like cryptocurrency, too many scammers and too much risk of fraud. He liked revenue-sharing and he wanted early investors to have the benefits of liquidity provided by ICO offered free trading. The answer was the R-Cert.

By creating a uniform Royalty investment structure, a global trading exchange, strong anti-fraud and security controls, a stable recognized trading currency, plus access and use simplicity, a new and exciting financial community has arisen.

Royalty rights and Royalty payments are very common in the oil and gas industries, the movie, music and art industries, and are used to monetize all types of intellectual properties. Therefore, although new to the high-tech startup industry, historically, revenue-sharing by Royalty payouts are very well-established investment instruments.

To make these R-Certs sellable, tradable and legal in the US, China, South Korea and most all jurisdictions, the “Coin” in the term ICO is a USD. There are no cryptocurrencies directly associated with a R-Cert that is traded through the R-Cert Trading Exchange (R-Cert Exchange).

As the use and interest in high-tech R-Cert offerings are expected to rapidly spread, Dr. Gearhart has repeatedly stated: “There is good and bad in what he has created. R-Certs can be highly risky even under the best of circumstances.” He also stated: “Every potential investor should carefully review the people, the business and the markets to be served before investing in any R-Cert.”

We also asked Dr. Gearhart what to look for when considering an R-Cert investment. He stated: “The simple answer is: (a) does the Company own superior, preferably market disrupting, technology; (b) is the Company aggressively entering a large growing, preferably global, market that desperately needs new technology; and (c) has the Company assembled a very smart and talented management and tech team to make sure good things happen and when they do not, they know how to solve problems.”

He also said that not every business, nor every startup in either a low-tech or a high-tech industry can support an R-Cert offering that is founded upon, and returns are paid from, revenue-sharing of the business’s cash flow.

He continued, to support a high-return R-Cert offering, requires the startup company to have three key factors: (1) a powerful industry breakout technology; (2) a business plan focusing all energy on a large and growing market; and (3) a creative, innovative, management and tech team committed to aggressive marketing and the relentless pursuit of market share. He also stated: “Companies that possess all three of these super factors are few in number; but from time to time they do appear.”


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