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R-Cert Exchange Seeking Advisors and Marketers

Los Angeles, CA, October 4, 2018/R-Cert Trading Exchange/…The R-Cert Exchange is seeking parties to market and promote WCEP and WMS R-Certs ICOs as Advisors and Marketers. Minimum earned $6,000 paid in free-trading R-Certs, plus stock options.

Interested parties may apply and learn more by visiting the site at: and selecting the “Advisor White Paper,” plus the “Advisor Join” buttons. Other data is also available at the site and at the sites of WECP and WMS.

R-Cert Exchange the first global trading center and exchange that is specifically designed and totally focused upon addressing the needs of Royalty rights Certificate (R-Cert) holders and issuers.

World Community Electronic Payments (WCEP) Blockchain Foundation, using customized Blockchain secured, Smart Contract enforced conditional payment performance technologies, is preparing to provide a major modernization and replacement of the antiquated Letter of Credit (LC) global payment system. In addition, WCEP will offer proprietary, enhanced Smart Contracts, imbedded into a unique Blockchain security environment to address existing risk-of-loss exposure when using SWIFT, Fedwire or CHIPS wire services to make purchase payment transactions.

World Markets Store (WMS) and Global Community (World Market Vendor Services SD Inc) is a new high-tech Blockchain-application startup. It is in the process of technically customizing and merging Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies to create the first major global commerce center to service approximately 20 million small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are currently without cross-border commerce services.

WMS is also prepared to add up to 2 million new “My Store” sites to local communities around the globe. The WMS major global commerce center will also participate in the operation of the new global WOB Exchange, the R-Cert Exchange and the EB-Cert Exchange. WMS will also establish and operate the first and only EZY><BUY Smart Contract product purchase system in the World. WMS, as a part of their Global Community, is also introducing supporting service affiliates to include World markets Logistics and World Market Trade Finance.


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