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R-Cert Trading Exchange Opens Revenue-Sharing ICO Industry!

Los Angeles, CA, Sept 19, 2018/R-Cert Trading Exchange/…In a newly released White Paper, titled: “Overview of the Forthcoming Royalty Certificate-Based ICOs,” the Royalty Certificate Trading Exchange (R-Cert Exchange) addresses the newest trend in ICO investing. This comprehensive Paper from the Exchange defines, explains and explores the benefits and risks of the new R-Cert investment instruments.

It describes the new R-Cert Trading Exchange and introduces the first five (5) high-tech, revenue-sharing, Royalty rights Certificate issuing companies that are scheduled to be issuing a total of 300 million R-Certs through the Exchange by the end of the year.

It defines what is needed for a successful R-Cert ICO and how to ID scams and sure failures. Summary data is presented on the first five R-Cert offering companies with references to locate data for additional due diligence. On the surface this first group of companies offers some amazing technologies. All companies operate in global “Blue Ocean” markets, offer quite astounding business plans and all are very market disruptive companies.

One company, WMS, is set to open five major “Blue Ocean” niche online markets that will bring into the global trade community of 20 million unserved SMEs.

Another company, WCEP, could well take away from the global banks up to 30% of the existing Letters of Credit (LCs) industry’s $2.7 trillion in annual payment business. Plus, the company is planning to earn add-on fees for enhancement of the $12.7 trillion annual wire service payment business.

Two more companies, IncaSKY and AeroSafe, hold the exclusive rights to airborne small parcel delivery and airborne surveillance and inspection applications using the Fandr airborne power and propulsion platform. Fandr is in the process of delivering a highly disruptive airborne propulsion technology to the aircraft industry. Fandr is the first major advancement in commercial airplane and mid-to-heavy UAV flight airpower in the last 60 years. The last one was the jet engine in the late 1950s.

The remaining company, RASOC, at first appears to be a sleeper but it is quite the opposite. It is establishing the beginning infrastructure to a new private, money-making, medium-to-heavy UAV air flight control and air traffic control system for North America. To understand the magnitude of the RASOC project, consider an analogy example. In the US, everyone goes to one of three credit reporting agencies to obtain a credit score. This credit reporting business group operates a private finance service network.

In the near future all unmanned large size UAVs, both cargo and passenger are going to need an FAA/CAA approved ground-based piloted flight control and air traffic control service network. Guess who will be there to provide the service and to collect a fee.


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