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R-Certs Become Highly Accepted Alternative Investment

Los Angeles, CA, Sept 24, 2018/R-Cert Trading Exchange/…An alternative investment is an asset that is not one of the conventional investment types, such as stocks, bonds and cash. Alternative investments commonly include private equity, hedge funds, managed futures, real estate, precious metals, commodities and derivatives contracts.

With the introduction of formalized standard investment certificates and a global blockchain secured certificate trading exchange, revenue-sharing Royalty rights Certificates (R-Cert) are now fully accepted as an excellent alternative investment.

Royalties have been a sound form of investment for many decades. Establishment of R-Cert Trading Exchange was the catalyst. With it came the ICO, as a common offering format for the issuing of Royalty Certificates; a standard format addressing content and terms for a Royalty Agreement; and the operational infrastructure for global electronic trading.

The Exchange has also brought a group of new high-tech startup companies that are quite attractive. Both WCEP and WMS are offering the right to receive pro rata earnings of thirty percent (30%) of the annual net revenues produced by company. Earnings payouts are made to the Certificate holder of record as of COB December 31 for ten calendar years.

Each revenue-sharing R-Cert will be offered at an ICO price of just “One USD” and become free trading at the date and time of the ICO event. Both companies are planning to offer a great bonus program for early subscribers; and are now accepting requests to receive notice of the subscription process and opening date for accepting subscriptions.

For those interested, the companies is are also accepting requests to join the selling group for a 12% payout plus a stock option bonus.

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