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Updated: Oct 2, 2018

R-Certs And The New Race to Invest In Blue Oceans

Los Angeles, CA, Sept 24, 2018/R-Cert Trading Exchange/…There are now two new “Super Words” in the investment community. Blue Oceans which is now back in the context with the great interest in high-tech startup revenue-sharing through the offering of “Royalty Certificates” (R-Certs).

Dr. Glenn Gearhart, the CEO of a number of new high-tech companies, has discovered and holds the keys to a number of Blue Oceans; they are all focused on phantom markets, with an anticipated ten-year valuation of at least $3 trillion. That is over 3 times the fixed valuation of the total Prudhoe Bay oil discovery.

The financial community’s excitement is simple to explain. Who does not want a piece of a $3 trillion market. Especially when R-Certs can be purchased for $1.00; just how long do you think they will remain at $1.00?

The term “Blue Ocean” is a Wall Street term, it denotes markets, commerce and industries not in existence today where there is ample opportunity for growth that is both profitable and rapid.

Not sure how he finds these high-tech gems, but the first five high-tech startups he is presenting with revenue-sharing rights and free-trading R-Certs issued by an ICO, are clearly Blue Ocean companies with upside potential.

Royalty rights and Royalty payments are very common in the oil and gas industries, the movie, music and art industries, and are used to monetize all types of intellectual properties. Therefore, although new to the high-tech startup industry, historically, revenue-sharing by Royalty payouts are very well-established investment instruments.

As long as high-tech startup are linked to both R-Certs and Blue Oceans, the forecast is that investors will keep investing


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