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The Royalty Certificate Trading Exchange (R-Cert Exchange) is a newly established trading exchange focused exclusively on addressing the needs of Royalty Certificate issuers, buyers, sellers, traders and investors. The Exchange is authorized to service a number of categories, or types of Royalty Certificates.


The Exchange is currently being constructed and customized using Blockchain, Machine Learning and other application technologies. The Exchange will be completed and operational in time to support these tentatively scheduled ICO open trading commencement events:


WCEP R-Cert ICO offering;


Holistic Solar R-Cert ICO offering;


WMS R-Cert ICO offering;


PMF R-Cert ICO offering;


Main Street Energy R-Cert ICO offering;


Panel Tech Construction R-Cert ICO offering; and


Others businesses preparing to participate in an R-Cert ICO offering.


As the WCEP and other Issuer’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) event date approaches, each R-Cert Purchase Subscriber will be contacted with specific details on the process and procedures related to setting up a R-Cert trading account and the how to use all of the online features offered by the Exchange.


To participate in the ICO and the trading of these new R-Certs, watch this site for news and updates. If you desire to learn more about the WCEP offering visit the website:

At that site review the two available White Papers: “WCEP ICO Offering” and the “WCEP Transaction Payment Service – How It Works.”

Should you desire to participate in the pre-offering subscription purchase phase of the issuing of these R-Certs, use the “Send Us A Message” form, at the bottom of this webpage, to let us know. A team member will respond with data on how to proceed. Participants must be accredited investors and meet the minimum subscription amount.

Modern Royalty Certificates (R-Cert)

If there is one new word to be found on the lips of the “In-Crowd” in finance, it is the term: “Royalty Certificates” (R-Certs). The globalization of R-Certs and integration of the old Royalty rights into a modern-day, potentially high-volume, financial investment and trading instrument was created and thrust into existence in the fall of 2018.

The Team needed a means of funding a few new high-tech startup companies. The Team did not like cryptocurrency, to many scammers and too much risk of fraud. The Team liked the security token concept and desired to deliver revenue-sharing to investors. The Team also wanted all investors to have the benefits of the liquidity provided ICO offered free-trading security tokens.

Royalty rights and Royalty payments are very common in the oil and gas industries, the movie, music and art industries, and are used to monetize all types of intellectual properties. Therefore, The Team used the Royalty rights vehicle to create the R-Cert, a new form of high-tech, revenue-sharing, security token participation investment.

The Team's modem-day R-Cert investment vehicle is tradable on an electronic exchange and is issuable by high-tech startup companies under an established structure of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

To make these R-Certs sellable, tradable and legal in the US, China, South Korea and most all jurisdictions, all R-Cert issued “Coins” are in USD. There are no cryptocurrencies directly associated with any R-Cert that is traded through the Royalty Certificate Trading Exchange (R-Cert Exchange).

R-Cert Exchange

The Royalty Certificate Trading Exchange (R-Cert Exchange) is new exclusive self-regulating electronic exchange. This dedicated R-Cert Exchange is committed to assuring the integrity and to enforce the structure and rules on those Issuers, investors and traders who are approved and authorized to participate in this new R-Cert security token industry.

The function of the R-Cert Exchange is to provide a market place for the self-regulated activities of (a) the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) of approved Royalty rights Certificates; (b) the trading of approved R-Certs; (c) the authorized distribution of the annual or periodic Royalty payouts; and (d) the distribution of any Bonus issued R-Certs.

R-Cert is a Real Security Interest (1933 Act)

All R-Certs approved to be issued and traded on the R-Cert Exchange are “Security” Tokens, or by Agreement with the Issuer, provide a security interest in the Issuer. The offering is to accredited investors only and by public delivery of a U.S. SEC Regulation D compliant, Issuer published, White Paper these actions are complaint with 1933 Securities Act requirements.

The term “Security Interest” in this context means the security tokens or the R-Cert is directly related to either real securities, real assets and/or tangible property. The Security Interest may be represent by a tokenized assets or as digitalized records.

For a discussion of security tokens vs. utility tokens see the great Article on this subject

by A U R E L ~ I S P A S:

R-Cert Exchange Market Operations (1934 Act)

The common definition of a market or market place, also referred to as an “Exchange” is where an act of giving one thing and receiving another in return. The common synonyms: interchange, trade, trading, swapping, traffic, trafficking. Also defined as an actual or nominal place where forces of demand and supply operate, and where buyers and sellers interact (directly or through intermediaries) to trade goods, services, or contracts or instruments, for money or barter.


The R-Cert Exchange is a common definition type market that is operated solely by customer driven actions. The R-Cert Exchange does not make any market in any security or R-Cert. It operates only as a facilitator of those who chose to offer to sell or propose to buy a specific R-Cert from a specific party, who is NOT the R-Cert Exchange.


The R-Cert Exchange is compliant with the 1934 Securities Exchange Act because it is acting as a commonly defined customer self-service market place. The R-Cert Exchange operates in the same manner as Crag’s list, eBay or any other online store or in a classified ad in a newspaper appears and as a potential buyer resounds.

R-Cert Advisor Services and Compensation (1940 Act)

R-Cert Advisors are not engaged in, or asked to be engaged in, any Financial Planners or Financial Advisors activities as defined under the Securities Act of 1933 or the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 or any other state or county’s laws or regulations.


The purpose and activities of the R-Cert Advisor is solely to provide to the potential accredited investor, who has the sole right to accept or reject any actual or proposed R-Cert advisor, access to educational, promotional and marketing information, the ICO White Paper and to assure the prospective investor has received any desired information to support the potential investor’s due diligence efforts.


As warranted by the investor’s subscription as a part of the subscription investment process and the Issuer’s R-Cert Agreement with the subscriber purchaser, each accredited investor has had the opportunity to engage his or her individual in-house or outside counsel, accountant and/or financial advisor to support in all of the investor’s due diligence and investment review and evaluation process.


Acting as a support contractor of the R-Cert Issuer, the R-Cert Advisors is compensated for the described tasks; and the R-Cert investor-subscriber is made aware of this fact because the R-Cert subscriber confirms this knowledge as a part of the required R-Cert subscription process.


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